7th Grade Math Common Core 24


7th Grade Math Common Core 24


The 7th Grade Math Common Core 24 is a weekly, year long math program that previews and reviews all the key concepts for 7th grade math.

There are 36 weekly Common Core 24s. Each CC24 is divided into 6 sections each containing 4 problems.

The sections of a weekly Common Core 24 include:

- 6th Grade Review
- Ratios and Proportions
- The Number System
- Equations and Expressions
- Geometry
- Statistics and Probability

What is included in this 7th grade Math Common Core 24 Packet:

- 36 Common Core 24 weekly worksheets (864 questions0
- CC24 Weekly/Quarterly Student Summary Sheet
- CC24 Individual Class Summary
- CC24 Quarterly/Yearly Student Summary
- CC24 Quarterly/Yearly Class Summary
- Percent Conversion Chart
- Answer key

Advantages of using the Common Core 24:

- Weekly Preview and Review of all key 7th grade math topics
- Improved retention of information
- Student summary sheets allow students to track their results
- Provides data for Student and Teacher reports
- Helps teachers find weakness and trends of individuals and classes

Other ways to use the 7th grade math Common Core 24

- Review/Intervention for 8th grade/high school students
- Enrichment for 6th grade students
- Can be used as a group activity
- Ideal for test prep
- Can be used as a source for questions for math games.

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