Percentages & taxes (Puzzles & Review Games)

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Percentages & taxes (Puzzles & Review Games)


This is a collection of 5 different activities using percentages to solve problems about taxes. Students will need to (1) Find the amount of tax, (2) Find the cost with tax, and (3) Find the original price when the final price and tax are known.

This packet includes:

- 2 "3-2-1- Speed Review" game sheets
- 1 "Percentage Word Scramble" 
- 2 "Percentage Puzzles

3-2-1 Speed Review Game Sheets (2 included)

This is a review game that students really enjoy. We usually use small groups with this activity. Students are given a sheet with 12 problems and the numbers 3, 2, & 1 in each grid. Students can solve problems in any order they choose. The first group to get a correct answer for a problem gets 3 points, second gets 2 points, and third gets 1.

Students can select any question and up to three different teams can get points on each question. This allows all teams to have numerous chances to get points.

Percentage Word Scramble (1 included)

The Percentage Word Scramble is a collection of 15 questions. As students answer a question they look for the matching answer above. Each correct answer matches a letter. Once all the questions have been answered students will unscramble all the selected letters to spell out two different words.

Percentage Puzzles

Nothing we like more than hands on activities. The two included puzzles have 15 and 16 triangle puzzle pieces (18 questions each). It's a great way to practice percentage problems. It is also a tremendous way for students to problem solve when they have a puzzle piece out of place.

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