Similar Shapes - Finding scale factor & missing sides

Similar Shapes 2.jpg
Similar Shapes 2.jpg

Similar Shapes - Finding scale factor & missing sides


Product Description

This is a collection of two activities focused on Similar Shapes. The first activity (Scale Factor Scramble) is focused on finding the scale factor of two similar objects. The second activity (Missing Side Puzzle) uses scale factor to find the missing side of two similar objects. 

With calculators, students will be able to complete the activities quickly. To challenge students (and to work on decimals) have them complete the activities without a calculator.


Students are given 17 different pairs of similar objects. First, students must find the scale factor of the similar objects. Next, students will find the corresponding answer at the top and shade in. Finally, the students will unscramble the shaded letters to spell out a famous place. Each row represents a place.

There are some decimals in this activity. If you want to move quickly through this activity you can allow students to use calculators. Being able to find the Scale Factor in this activity will be helpful for students in the next activity. 


In this puzzle, students are given two similar shapes but one side is missing. Students will find the scale factor of the two corresponding sides which can be used to find the missing length.

This puzzle has 16 square shaped puzzle pieces with a total of 24 questions. Students will match the missing side length with to two similar objects.

The puzzle will spell out a short phrase that makes it quick and easy to check the answer.

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