Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers World Scramble.

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2015-11-19 21.40.00-1.jpg

Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers World Scramble.


What does Justin Bieber, Mexico and Norway have in common? They are answers to these Mixed Number Word Scrambles.

Two Adding and Subtracting Mixed Number Word Scrambles (one addition and one subtraction. Each worksheet has 12 problems.

- The word scrambles use positive and negatives.

- Students solve the problems at the bottom of the page
- As students solve problems they circle or fill in the correct answers
- Once problems are completed the students unscramble letters to find the solutions

It's a fun twist on the traditional worksheet. Students are able to check answers without needing to ask.

We used this with our 7th grade students and they really enjoyed discovering the solution.

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