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1st Grade Math Survival Guide

I feel your pain! This is just first grade math. This is a piece of cake. No problems. Then it happens...

Number Bonds, Count On Strategy, Arrow Notations, Tape Diagrams ......   What are these thing?

Last year my daughter was in first grade. The math was easy enough, but the terminology was confusing to say the least. Many of these math companies take simple concepts and make them so complicated that it frustrates the parents. We have created the 1st Grade Math Survival Guide to help parents help their kids.


7th Grade Math Common Core 24

The Common Core 24 is a year long preview and review of all the keep topics in 7th grade math. There are a total of 36 Common Core 24 worksheets.  Each worksheet is divided into 6 sections (6th grade review, Ratios & Proportions, Number System, Equations & Expressions, Geometry and Statistics & Probability).

The CC24 includes 36 worksheets, Weekly/Student Summary Sheet, Individual Class Summary, Quarterly/Yearly Student Summary, Percent Conversion Chart for grading along with the Answer Key.

The CC24 is great for weekly previewing and reviewing of 7th grade material, helping with retention, students engaged by tracking their own data, great source of data for teacher reports, and helps to find student weaknesses.


Finding Area of Unique Shapes

Take your geometry lesson to the next level with this book that contains 44 different composite shapes. These shapes are great for problem solving, stations or group work. Even though this book is designed with middle school students in mind, it is great for high school review and for gifted younger students.

The shapes get progressively more challenging as you go through the book. In the upper right corner of each page are different geometric shapes (trapezoid, rectangle, triangle, circle) which let you know which area formulas students need to know to solve the problems.


The Cereal Box Project - A math project for middle school

This is a guide to one of our all time favorite math projects: The Cereal Box Project.  The premise is simple: A cereal company wants a new and unique design.  You task is to create this box (no rectangular prisms).

Students love hands on activities. The Cereal Box Project allows students to be creative while at the same time giving teachers a nice culminating activity.  This project gives you a lot a flexibility.

In this guide we provide examples, key math vocabulary, steps to constructing your cereal box, methods of evaluating, and 18 different tips and tricks we've learned over the past decade.