Modeling Percentages using Grids and Tape Diagrams


In this blog I’m writing about how I model percentages in my class. There are many parts of Mathematics that students will never use in their life once they graduate, but Percentages will be one of most used regardless of profession. Because of its importance, I like to take a little extra time to make sure that students have a deep understanding of this valuable skill.

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Get the Ultimate Guide to Percentages!!

This book is all about percentages (No shock there). It is divided into two parts: Percentage Guide and 30 Printable Percentage Puzzles/Games/Activities. The Guide portion of the book has notes and examples of different situations involving percentages (such as the modeling section above). There is a premium on using an algebraic approach to solving problems in this guide, but different methods are also used.

The following are the sections of this guide: Percentage History Percentage, Fraction, & Decimal Conversion Modeling Percentages Percentages as Ratios Finding the Percentage, Part or Whole amounts Comparing amounts Percentage of Change Percentage of Markup Percentages with Tax and Tips Percentage of Error Simple and Compound Interest Commissions

The Games/Activities/Puzzles section of the book is a combination of 30 different printable puzzles, games and activities. These are all puzzles that I have used with my classes. They are great for station work or just to supplement a percentage lesson.